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Other Choices

Finding the right accommodation to suit your budget when visiting anywhere, can be quite tricky. Especially when visiting rural spaces, such as Llanwddyn, Lake Vyrnwy. They are so few and far between and spread out.

We hope we have helped take the stress away of finding suitable accommodation to suit your budget by supplying our 'Where to Stay' folder and pages. This could be anything from a 5 star Hotel to a bedroom in someones house, which are sometimes offered by local residents, when we have a big event going on within Llanwddyn.  

This page provides you with a 'think outside the box' totally 'out there' option of accommodation...

If you are on a small budget, or attending a big event when all other accommodation is exhausted, this may be just what you need.  From a simple room in someones house, a shed in someones garden, or even your own tent pitched on someones usually private land,  You could even consider the village hall floor, for larger backpacking or challenge groups.

Other choices within 9 miles of Llanwddyn and Lake Vyrnwy

Other Choices between 10 and 25 miles of Llanwddyn and Lake Vyrnwy

THERE ARE ALSO STATIC CARAVAN SITES ALL AROUND THE AREA.  They always have statics for sale. So if you've fallen in love with Llanwddyn and Lake Vyrnwy and would like a bolt hole all of your very's a few sites we know of.


The Lake Vyrnwy Tourist information web site also have a list of accommodation in the area. Plus, guidane on where to eat, what to do when you visit and lots of other information . 

Created in July 2020,  Whilst we are sure you will have a great visit to our little area of Wales, we are unable to rate any of the accommodation and take no responisbility for your experience whilst staying at your chosen place to stay.